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I have been building yurts or round houses since 1985, turning out newer and better versions of yurt designs with various floor plans to suit a wide range of life-styles as well as designing them with eco-friendly systems in place.

My yurt designs utilize an inner compression ring and an outer tension ring which enables large uninterrupted roof spans and also imparts tremendous strength. A circle is the strongest geometric shape and also encompasses more area than any other.

Yurt Kits can be supplied in 2 core dimensions - namely 6.5M diameter core or a 9M diameter core. Our yurts provide infinite design individuality and versatility. They can be sub-divided in different ways, have bay windows and built outs added or may be enlarged with additional "clip-on" wing rooms to form extra luxurious living space. It can be built low-set, two-storey or clustered with joining corridors and added cores to form duplexes or even multi-units.

I specialise in building to lock-up stage, ie. complete weatherproof shell-only homes on poles because the remaining sub-trade work is fairly standard and can be undertaken by non-yurt tradesmen organized by yourself - thus saving you money. My team can also undertake supervision if the completion stage is required.

The standard yurt has treated pine poles, floor joists, wet area aqua board floor, pine wall frames, Shadowclad cladding, aluminium windows, exposed rafters, pine cathedral ceilings, Anticon roof insulation and colorbond roofing. Other materials such as cedar cladding are an optional extra. We can arrange delivery on your behalf throughout Australia.



I have recently utilized my newly designed and patented chassis which will speed up assembly-time. The chassis enables the yurt to be ROTATABLE during construction which minimizes scaffold cost so that the building can be rotated past a short working platform.

In addition, the chassis is ELEVATABLE. In the event that you need to build your kit on a rise or as a 2 level home, you can then elevate the yurt and build in underneath.

The chassis is available for hire. I can also design your yurt so that it can be rotated on a permanent basis(patent pending). However, this option adds considerable expense for septic, electrical and plumbing connections. Generally, the chassis is used purely to reduce assembly time and scaffold costs during the construction phase. It is then removed.

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